Celebrating Moms 85th in Rehoboth

The Cantelo Clan met in Rehoboth Beach to celebrate mom\’s 85th birthday.  It was such a treat to have all the kids and grandkids at the same place at the same time.


Alex brought his girl Bianca, who we all adore.

I believe I picked the best pictures but I posted all of the pictures without the watermark on Flickr.  There is an album with all the iphone pics labeled iFamily and then the big camera pics in the album Family.  The quality of the Family pictures is better than the ones taken with the iphone.  

It wasn\’t easy getting a table for 13 in a town that doesn\’t take reservations.  But we divided and conquered and ended up at Claws.   Ty and Ben checking out the menu and talking about sports. 

Back to the condo for a big chocolate cake and some Happy Birthday!!!

It was such a fun evening playing games, talking, and being together.

Alex, Bianca, and Don playing a game of Vietnamese Poker (I think).

A morning view down the beach from the rooftop pool.

The big guys out there battling the big waves.

A look back at our set up.

We were ready for some crab picking but our group was so large they had to split us up.  Other than Don, this was the crab free table.

Oyster shooters wherever we go.   Oyster, cocktail sauce, horseradish, and beer.  Yum!

The Cantelo Crab Massacre 2017.  And they were good!

Back to the beach with the tough guys.

This is what an oyster shooter should look like.

More games and the last of the chocolate cake.   We were sad to see Don and Ross & Family leave but loved spending part of the week with them.

Roof top.

Kohr Bros Vanilla-Chocolate Twist with Sprinkles.

Quinn loves that the bird is flying in to his head in this picture.  We believe this is the same bird that pooped on Don earlier in the week.  Damn bird!

When the lifeguards leave for the day they turn the stands around and pull them away from the water.

June 2012.

June 2017.

Ben loves going out on the boardwalk to play in the arcades, have lunch, and people watch.

This kid made some new boogie boarding friends and had so much fun in the ocean.

He says he doesn\’t like mustard.  Until he orders it on his hot dog.

The Ice Cream Crew.

There was a store near our condo that had someone outside all day long blowing bubbles.

Pam and I went out to get dinner one night and might have made a pit stop for a couple more oyster shooters!

And one more cake on the actual day.   What a great week with family celebrating our beloved mom.

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