Last Week

Last week Quinn\’s class started reading Charlotte\’s Web.  They are also in the middle of standardized testing.  So the only homework each night is reading a couple of chapters.  

Most mornings I drop Quinn off in the drop off line and don\’t walk him in.   On this morning I walked him in and snapped a couple of pics with his friends.

This was after school.  Maybe he wasn\’t so pleased about having his picture taken.

Helping around the house.

Hanging out with Sonic in the sun after a swim.

Sonic going in for some kisses.

And Quinn putting him in his place.

An intersting perspective.

And another year of rattlesnake avoidance training.  As soon as Sonic got a whif of the rattlesnakes he did everything he could to get off the leash with the handler.  He clearly remembered.  But he went through the course and did exactly as he should have.  We might do one more training next year.

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