Anniversary & Mother\’s Day Weekend!

Saturday was our 17th Wedding Anniversary!
We were commenting that during our marriage, Quinn has been with us longer than we were without him.  9 with, 8 without.  17 great years!
All gussied up ready to go to dinner…picture courtesy of Quinn. 

The chef insisted on treating us with another giant piece of chocolate cake.  Can\’t say no to free stuff.

On Sunday we visited a special exhibition at The Annenberg Space for Photography.  A perfect place for this photography loving mom.  I had read about it before but this was our first, but not last, visit.

The current exhibit was about greed.  It was quite a juxtaposition seeing all the well-to-do people take in the exhibit and then encouraged to go to the gift shop to get your parking ticket stamped.  

The striving for more and bigger will never, ever lead you to the right place.  

 The gift shop was an amateur photographers dream.   Don asked me what caught my eye and I said everything!  But settled with these two things, a journal (I love my paper) and a Fuji Instant Camera.  

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