Visit from the Idaho Cantelos

We were lucky to get a visit from Ross, Tamara, Sami, and Ty during their Spring Break and we had a great 5 days!
Ty and Quinn playing a round of chess that ended in a draw.  
We went to Malibu and had lunch at Malibu Seafood where we saw Vin Diesel.  Ty was sly and captured a video of him and here is a screen shot from the video.  
Then on to the Zuma Beach in Malibu.  It started out OK but got really windy so we didn\’t stay too long.   

There was a big crew filming on the beach and Ross went up to check it out.  He saw a \”crashed\” airplane.  While googling around, he discovered that the final scene from Planet of the Apes was filmed on that beach.  Sure enough, that\’s Zuma Beach.

After the windy beach, we headed home to laze in the warm pool.  Don was kind enough to heat it to 90 degrees for us so we had many lazy daze in the pool.

And lots of fun in the evenings sitting in the hot tub.

A little more chess.

We spent a day at Venice Beach where Don and Ross were recruited by these street performers.  They were looking for tall, rich white guys.

A stop at the playground before heading home.

Tamara took this pic of Sami & Ty.

 More evening swimming!

Ross took this pic.

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