It\’s official, Quinn is a YouTuber!  Just call him ExtremeGamer992.

He\’s been asking for years to have his own YouTube channel so on Thursday I made his dreams come true.  Having a presence on YouTube is a slippery slope so we are taking it easy and will makes changes as needed.

As we were getting him set up, he asked me not to \”momify\” any of his videos.  Oh, this kid.  And then I started typing in a description for his channel and he decided to do it himself.  I asked him \”Was I momify-ing that?\” and he said yes.

He is able to play video games on his ipad and record them on the mac along with his voice commentary.

So if you would like to see him play video games you can visit his YouTube channel at


Here is his first video posted.  It\’s a 3 minute video playing Geometry Dash.  That sweet voice of his.

I received lots of hugs in thanks.  And he still cannot believe that he\’s a YouTuber.

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