Little Tokyo

On Friday night we stayed in downtown LA in anticipation of the Women\’s March the following morning.  Hotels were pretty booked but we found a room in Little Tokyo.  We were just down in that area last weekend so we knew it would be a good place.

We really wanted to try out Kula Revolving Sushi Bar.  Last weekend the wait was 2 hours but we got there early enough that we didn\’t have to wait too long.
The sushi went revolving by you on the lower belt or you could place a special order on the tablet and it would come zooming down to you on the upper belt.  

All the plates were pretty small and $2.25/plate so we got to try lots of different things.  When we ordered Quinn\’s California Roll we mentioned that it had crab in it.  For some reason, it just doesn\’t taste the same now and Quinn\’s not so sure about the crab.  Although he did say he would still order it at our favorite local sushi joint.

When you\’re done with a plate, you pop it in this plate disposal device and it adds a plate to your bill.

If you order 15 plates you get a special prize that automatically comes down the clear shoot.  Quinn was so excited to get a California Roll Sushi Pen!

It was our first revolving sushi experience and we loved it!!

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