Around Here

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging.   
The day after Christmas we were all a little stir crazy and needed to get out of the house.  Don took us to a trail that was mostly flat.  We\’ve been getting quite a bit of rain so you can see the brown turning green!
Quinn found a great walking stick.

And this amazing tree!

Quinn has been working on his walking still to make it a little bit smoother.  A little whittling, a little sanding, etc.

Every year since moving to SoCal we\’ve been invited to a Family New Year\’s Eve party.  We watch the ball drop in NYC at 9 pm PT and then we all go home!  So much fun.

On New Years Day we were invited to an open house at a very unique (and quite wacky) home.   This is the childhood home of a friend where the father was an avid collector of arcade games, juke boxes and wurlitzers, unique antique cars, and many other things.   These pictures barely scratch the surface.

Quinn spent most of his time in the arcade and at one point our friend walked through and said \”You can see that I had a very normal childhood\”.  

The father has passed away but our friend still takes these cars to car shows.  There are 3 or 4 not pictured.  The cars are in amazing condition and quite unique.    Yes, this is in their house!

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