Around Here

Quinn has been taking an after school enrichment class where they program Lego Robotics.   Two of his classmates are in the class too so they have lots of fun.

A couple of weeks ago Q slammed his finger in the car door.  We were on our way in to see a movie and Quinn was quite the champ, although there was alot of pain and tears.  The nail immediately turned purple and I told him it would probably fall off.  Here it is a couple of days ago and since then it has fallen off.  I think he finds it pretty intriguing.

This weekend we went for a family bike ride down at the beach.

Our usual stopping place.

Our other usual stopping place so Quinn can climb the burnt tree and get charcoal all over himself.     I happened to take a pretty bad spill on this bike ride, but survived with no broken bones.

And Quinn has recently moved up a level in swimming and has a new instructor.  I really like her because she keeps the kids moving the whole time.   He will be ready for swim team in no time.  Although the 5 pm class time with the time change has made it pretty chilly getting out of the pool.

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