Quinn\’s 9th Birthday Party!

Quinn had his birthday party at this awesome place called The Stadium.  It\’s a huge facility and we happened to be the only party there.  Wahoo!  Quinn invited all the boys in his class plus a couple of friends.  There were 13 boys in all.
The main attraction was laser tag.   Even Don got in the action.

The boys were fired up and ready to go.

Can you tell they were going wild?

After a couple of rounds of laser tag it was time for PIZZA!

Quinn wanted a Terraria cake after one of his favorite video games.

Eyeball cake pops for party favors.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Our birthday boy is 9!!

After cake, the boys went in to the video game room where there are huge screen tv\’s and lots and lots of video games to play.  The boys did not want to leave.  We may have run over the party time by about 45 minutes but everyone was having so much fun!  Yay to a very fun birthday party.

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