It\’s been 3 years since we\’ve seen Ross, Tamara, Sami & Ty and we were way overdue.  Grams was going out to Boise so Quinn and I decided to crash the party too.
What was Quinn most excited about?  Playing video games with his cousins.  

We got to see Sami in action playing for the varsity girls soccer team.  The Lady Vikes!   Sami is a senior this year so her last year playing.  Here they are lining up and ready to play.

A little diversion.
Sami had a great game with some really good plays.  Here\’s the family post game.
The gang is all here!  A little morning couch time watching sports.   

Quinn loved the dogs, Z and Loki.  This is cute little Loki.


Weightlifting out in the Man Cave.

And his first (with many to follow) birthday celebration!

October 9….and he\’s 9!!  Special birthday pancakes with sprinkles by Aunt Tamara.

Family pictures.  Sami is turning 18 in a couple of days and will be off to college next year.  So gotta capture them together while I can.

Missing my favorite sister!!

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