Around Here

I just don\’t take as many pictures as I used to.  But I\’m trying to get back into the swing of things.  So, here we go….
I got up early on a Saturday morning and walked with a group of friends to help fund research for pediatric brain cancer.   A good cause to get in 5K before 9 am.  

Visiting Hayden and Quinn can\’t keep his hands off Lincoln.

Quinn thinks he should get the 4th grade spelling words as the 3rd grade challenge words are pretty easy for him.  I think he might be right.

A nice swim in a nice warm pool on a nice warm day.

Each year Quinn\’s school has a reading theme along with t-shirts that the kids are encouraged to wear.  This year is What\’s Your Story?   These boys are all in Quinn\’s class.  

You might have seen Don post this on FaceBook.  He had some fun changing these lightbulbs.  Fortunately the new ones are LED and should last 25 years.

Quinn had a friend over on Saturday.  These two have known each other for a couple of years and are both such sweet boys.  

 And Quinn took a little dip after swim lessons the other day.  Love this boy!!

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