San Diego Safari Park

Part 2 of our surprise for Mae was a trip to Safari Park.  It is part of the San Diego Zoo but about an hour NE of San Diego and about 30 minutes from Carlsbad.    We were ready to see some animals!

We were told that there were 2 baby tigers on display just for the morning so we high tailed it to Tiger Trail to see some babies!

They were so cute Quinn wanted to take them home.

Papa lion was making lots of noise and was quite handsome!

We had 9:30 am tickets for the Caravan Safari, which was the highlight of the visit.  We hopped on an open air truck with about 10 others and went out to \”Africa\” and \”Asia\” to see the roaming animals and it was quite a sight.  These guys came waddling by us.

It was amazing how close they got to the truck and they were just so docile.

There were lots of babies out in the wild.  It was amazing to learn about the conservation efforts the zoo and safari park are making in bringing certain species back from extinction.

Our guide asked \”Does anyone want to feed a baby giraffe?\”  Um, heck yeah!!

Everyone on the truck got to feed the giraffes.  Here we are feeding an adult giraffe.

Look at that big black tongue!

Group photo time.

He\’s going in for a leaf in Quinn\’s hand.

A look back over the \”savannah\”.  The hot air balloon is above the main part of the park.

Quinn was all about taking pictures.

Babies everywhere!

These two kids were having some fun with neck play.

I guess that\’s how you get something off the ground when your legs are that long.


This crane was sitting on a nest with eggs, but little did she know that the eggs were switched out for dummy eggs.  She built her nest right by the water and her eggs would probably have been smooshed by a rhino or other animal.  So when the real eggs are about to hatch they will be put back in the nest  while mama crane isn\’t looking.

Two males fighting over position.

The safari was really extraordinary and quite an educational experience.  Quinn was inspired by the story of one species and you will probably be hearing more about it from us.  Stay tuned.

It was a pretty hot day and Q needed to cool down.

Quinn\’s friend, Hayden, and his family happened to be visiting the park with out of town guests so we had lunch with them.  We walked around \”Africa\” for a while but it was so hot we grabbed some water and ice cream and headed home around 3 pm.  But a day and adventure to remember.

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