San Francisco: Day 3

Today was a big day….we were riding our bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.  The bike shop opened at 8 am so we got an early start to beat the crowds.  We were waiting on the F-Line to take us down to Fisherman\’s Wharf where we would pick up our bikes.  

Biked, helmetted, and ready to go.  It was great getting an early start because the streets were empty.  

It\’s a nice ride on the way to the bridge along the water.  If you look closely you can see the bridge pillars sticking out of the water.  It was pretty foggy.

All is good!

As we were going up this hill I told Quinn that this was our biggest hill, or so I thought.  A man passing the other way said that I shouldn\’t tell him that because the real hill is approaching the bridge.  Oh great!

Our last stop before we ride to the bridge.

Making a pitstop getting up the big hill.  Quinn is still learning how to use his gears but did really great getting up this hill.  And I was thanking all my early morning spin classes.

Off we go.  On weekends the west bound sidewalk is for bikes only.  The east bound is for walkers.

We made it!  But Quinn wasn\’t so happy.  He didn\’t love the strong winds, the cold, or the height.  But he did it!

Now we got to coast down this path and go under the bridge on our way to Sausalito.


Once in Sausalito we parked our bikes at the ferry and headed out for lunch.  We had a couple of minutes to poke around before the restaurant opened.

Then it was time to get on the 1:10 pm ferry back to SF.    Although the trip was alot of fun, it was more harrowing than I expected.  The big hills in the beginning, the winds on the bridge were really strong, there were lots of serious bikers that were going really fast over the bridge, slippery conditions, and then finally the riding into Sausalito was on the road with all the traffic.  It made this mama very nervous.  But we did it!

Actually one of the hardest parts might have been navigating our bikes the 2 blocks from the ferry terminal back to the bike shop.  It was so crowded and hard to navigate the three of us with our bikes.  But then back to the hotel for some down time.

Then it was out to the beach to meet Twink & Jim for dinner.   It was a great evening eating seafood and catching up with them.  A nice relaxing time.

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