Life is Good

Some of the fun we\’ve been having around here lately.
Riding bikes in Ventura.  Quinn seems to be have an easier time with his bike now that he has 21 gears.  This day we went almost 9 miles.  

This kid is totally awesome!

Meeting his friends at the community pool.  A whole pack of 2nd grade boys!

He is doing great with Taekwondo and is testing for his yellow belt this coming week.

Quinn\’s class raised some silkworms and the kids got to bring them home.   Waiting for it to come out of it\’s cocoon.

Once it emerged, Quinn put it out in the backyard.

Quinn\’s buddy Hayden is crazy about pokemon cards so for his birthday Quinn made him some homemade pokemon cards.  Hayden had 3 silkworms named Tickles, Pickles, and Snowflake so Quinn  made pokemon cards for the silkworms too 🙂  Hayden loved them!

And we just loved Hayden\’s thank you card.

I\’ve been out hiking with the buddy lately and I try to climb this hill a couple of times a week.  It\’s knicknamed Heart Attack Hill for a good reason.  Work & Reward for both of us!

You might have seen on FB that we took Sonic to Rattlesnake Aversion Training.  Unfortunately they don\’t allow pictures so I only have an after picture to share.  
Basically they put a shock collar on Sonic and walked him through an area that had 4 live rattlesnakes.  The rattlesnakes had hoods on their heads so they couldn\’t bite and 1 had his tail wrapped up so he couldn\’t rattle.    Because it was pretty cool and overcast the snakes didn\’t move very much.  The handlers led Sonic by the snakes and Sonic was definitely uneasy.  He didn\’t approach the snakes but when he showed any interest he got a shock and jumped about a mile in the air.  He was a very quick learner.  They also had a bag of rattlesnake skins just for the scent and Sonic avoided that as well.  He passed with flying colors!  

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