Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Quinn has read the first 2 (of 8) Harry Potter books so we thought we would surprise him with a trip to Universal Studios and the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
We bought special passes that let us in early and also got us to the front of the line of all the rides and shows.  So we were up at the crack of dawn and at Universal by 7:30 am.  

The early bird gates opened at 8 am and the only part of the park open was Harry Potter.  And it was pretty magical!!

As we entered Quinn was looking around in amazement and said \”My mind has been officially blown!\”.  I would have to agree, it was pretty spectacular.

We hightailed it to the first ride Forbidden Journey and it was so good we got right back on it!  To get to the ride you had to go through Hogwarts castle and that in itself was quite an experience.  The people in most of the pictures moved.  We are not quite yet at Harry Potter Geek status so I\’m sure we missed a ton of stuff.

We wandered through Hogsmeade and got a picture with the conductor of the Hogwarts Express.

At 9 am the gates opened so we made our way down to the Lower Lot.

As you can see it was deserted!  So we rode a couple of rides without a wait.  We rode Transformers 4D several times.

Then back up to the Upper Lot for snack time.  These doughnuts were made famous in The Simpsons!

Another Simpsons classic.

Then we jumped to the front of the line and went on the studio tour.  It was both really good and really boring at times.

Amityville from Jaws and it was also the little town from Murdered She Wrote.

So scary 🙂

A trip down Wisteria Lane with the Desperate Housewives.

How the Grinch stole Christmas.

The War of Worlds (or something like that).

Then it was on the Waterworld stunt show.  It was both funny and thrilling.  A great show!

Then back to Harry Potter for some ButterBeer and lunch.  Don stood in line for the restaurant while Quinn and I went to the candy shop.

Quinn bought the Every Flavour Jellybeans at the candy shop.  And the taste is pretty authentic.    Let\’s see, would you like a Vomit, Bogies, Earwax, or Rotten Egg jelly bean?

The ButterBeer was so good we had to get another.  It was like a slushy butterscotchy cream soda.  Yum!!!

We took one more ride on the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey, bought some Harry Potter gear, and then on to the Animal Actors show.    Here\’s our little wizard with his wand.

This show was pretty amazing.   Animals would just go scurrying across the stage pulling on the high voltage handle, climbing in the coffee pot, etc.  Along with dogs, there were rats, guinea pigs, racoons, birds of all kinds, cats, pigs, you name it.  A really fun, entertaining show.

And that was it!  We rode all the rides at least one, enjoyed the shows, and got to know Harry Potter a little bit better.  Quinn even got his first personalized keychain.  One great day!

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