Mother\’s Day Art Tour

It was a very Happy Mother\’s Day here!  I got lots of hugs and love from both of my guys.  
And it was a beautiful day here so we decided on a walking tour of the LA Art district.   It was a graffiti art tour and was led by an artist who spent many years creating graffiti.  
First stop, lunch. 
The Art District was cool and funky with art everywhere you looked…on the sidewalks, building, telephone poles, etc.  It was a true visual experience.  
There were many different styles of graffiti from what I would consider the classic comic lettering to real pieces of art work.  Many of these were done by graduates of esteemed art schools.   Quinn\’s favorite was the orange sunset colored wall.  The other side of the building had a similar technique with blue shades.  
These \”angel wings\” are painted all around LA and are created to inspire and remind us of our humanity.

This one was done by Shepard Fairey who created the classic Obama Hope poster.  His \”signature\” is the star withe Andre the Giant\’s face (on the forehead).

Calligraphy is another style of graffiti and our tour guide knew immediately who created this.

Even the ATM\’s get \”tagged\”.

And then a post-tour walk through a funky gallery.

Quinn was a real trooper!  He wasn\’t keen on going but he didn\’t complain once.  I think the scooter helped.   A great way to spend an afternoon.

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