Grams and Pams Visit

It was so nice to have Grams and Pam come for a visit and escape the cold February East Coast.  The day they arrived Quinn was down for the count with a fever.  

We took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to get a little ocean air.

We dragged Quinn along in his pj\’s.

Pam and I dropped Quinn off at school and went up to Santa Barbara for a walk around the downtown area and lunch on the pier.  

Oyster Shooters!!

A hike up behind our house with The Buddy.

Pam and I went down to Long Beach one day to check out a Princess Diana exhibit on the Queen Mary.  Here\’s a view from the boat.  I love the snow capped mountains in the background.

Fun photos on the Queen Mary with my sis!

A look back to the Queen Mary after lunch.

One last picture with Quinn before Aunt Pammy has to go home 😦

In the meantime we all got to work making Origami Yoda Valentine\’s for Quinn\’s Valentines Party.

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