Magic Castle

Last weekend we had a guest pass to visit the legendary Magic Castle.  You must be a member or have a guest pass to get in and we were lucky enough to score a guest pass from a friend.  Kids are only allowed on Saturday and Sunday mornings as the evenings are pretty dressy and pretty raunchy.

This place is pretty legendary and is the training ground for professional magicians.

Our red carpet moment outside the castle 🙂  Quinn and I needed a couple of new clothing items to meet their daytime dress code.

In order to enter in to the castle, you have to say \”open sesame\” to the trick library door.  Once in the castle there are many rooms with different performers.   During the day 3 of the rooms are open.  

We first went to the \”Parlor of Prestidigitation\” which was a very kid family performance by Funny Eddy.  Definitely Quinn\’s favorite performance of the day.

And then we went on to the \”Palace of Mystery\” which was a more traditional magic show.  An older gentleman started the show and his slight of hand with playing cards was pretty incredible.   And then a magician named Puck who has been on TV was up.  He was our least favorite.

And last we went to the \”Close Up Gallery\” which was a very small theater with about 12 seats.  The performer was more of a freak of nature genius vs. a magician.  He started with 2 rubix cubes and had audience members mix them up.  In about 60 seconds he solved the first one.  And then he looked closely at the 2nd rubix cube and in about 30 seconds he  re-jumbled the first solved cube to match the 2nd mixed up cube.  Wow!  And his card tricks were just incredible.  We were blown away!!!

They don\’t allow any photography in the castle so we got this amazing shot from their professional photographer 😉  The main reason for getting this was because we also received another guest pass back to the castle.

It was a very magical morning!

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