Cub Scouts

Quinn is an official Cub Scout or Wolf Scout or Something Scout.  We\’re still figuring it all out.  But he looks like this.

Today his troop or pack or den had the first field trip of the year to a food pantry at a local church.  Here he is with his buddy Zach.  Their faces!!!

We all took a big bag of food. We met with the pastor and food pantry volunteer who told us a little bit about the pantry.

And we got to see their small, but generous, pantry.  They serve about 15 families a week.  She asked if they had any questions and here Quinn is asking if a dog counts as a family member.  Our boy.

If you know Don & I, you know we probably don\’t agree with everything the Boy Scouts stand for.  However they made some changes to their policies over the summer which was a move in the right direction.  Since Quinn isn\’t big in to sports we wanted him to have a \”team\” and the Boy Scouts definitely teach alot of good stuff.

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