Catching Up

Here\’s what has been happening around here in September and October.
My cousin Susan came for a quick visit while mom was here.  It\’s been a handful of years since seeing each other so great to spend some quiet time together.    Quinn will be as tall as Sue any day now 🙂

Oh yeah, I had a birthday in September.  Mom made a gluten free German Chocolate Cake we could all enjoy and it was delicious!!!

 Beautiful fall sunrises.  Although it\’s supposed to be 100 degrees here today 😦

Our funny kid has decided that this is where he likes to spend lots of his time.  I guess we\’re one step closer.  Of course this boy is always surrounded by books.

This night he decided he wanted to sleep with Sonic all night.  This is where I found him in the morning.  

It\’s a shame I didn\’t get this one in focus, but you get the idea.  He was going for \”a style\”.  Too bad we made him put on a shirt to go out.

And he loves his long sleeve shirts, even on hot hot days.  We suggested he put on a short sleeve shirt and he said that this shirt \”technically is a short sleeve shirt\”.

A boy and his dog.

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