Second Grade

Second Grade Quinn!

His teacher this year is Ms. Virgen and I\’ve been told she is very kind and warm with the kids.  So far she has been great and I really like her.  
There are only 2 kids from Quinn\’s 1st grade class in this years class but he has a couple of other friends in the class.  In fact he\’s sitting next to a teammate, Michael, from t-ball 2 years ago and the teacher told me that they are getting along great.  
In fact Quinn played a little prank on Michael on the first day.  When Michael went to sit in his chair, Quinn put his head on the chair and Michael sat on his head.  They both thought it was hilarious 🙂

His after school request was gelato and chess.  He was tired of losing chess to his dad so he thought he would play me so he could win.  Somehow I won.  I\’m not sure how that happened.

The new school hat that all the cool kids are wearing.

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