Danielle & Lucas Visit

We were all so excited for Danielle and Lucas\’ visit.  So happy to see each other!  Lucas\’ brother Kaiden stayed home with his dad.  
First things first.  Pajamas and screen time.

Sunday we went to Santa Barbara.

A view from the pier.  A hazy day.

Checking out the sleepy sharks at the Aquarium on the Pier.

There are these fun pulley\’s where you can pull stuff up from the bottom of the ocean.   You never know what you might get.

Checking out the findings.  


Girls 🙂

On the way back to the car we checked out the parrots.  The guy in charge of the parrots would just flop one right on you.

Home for some time in the pool.

Monday we took the boys to the Ventura County Fair for the rides, food, cotton candy, and pig races.

Underwood Farms in Moorpark.

One day I got a babysitter for the day and Danielle and I had a ladies spa day and lunch on the Malibu Pier.  Ahhhhh!!!

OK, a little over the top with 2 devices going at one.  I put a kabosh on that clever move.

On Thursday Danielle and Lucas headed south to visit her brother and new baby niece.  And on Friday we had a fire a little too close for comfort.  It was under control pretty quickly but this isn\’t a welcomed sight and almost 200 acres were burned.

And it was hot, hot, hot as evidenced by our pool thermometer.

Upon their return we went to the California Science Center.  A good way to spend a hot day inside.

Getting ready for the IMAX movie.

Then we finally made it to the beach one day in the late afternoon.  So beautiful.

This is Zuma Beach which is at the north point of Malibu and about a 30 minute drive.  This was much needed.

I gave my phone to Quinn and asked him to take our picture.  This is what we ended up with.  Two boys playing a little prank on the moms.

Lucas thought it would be hilarious to jump in the pool in his pajamas!  Crazy boy!

These two fisherman are on the hunt for some California Crayfish.  So stoic.

Lucas got the first one.

Then Quinn caught one too.

Can you waffle it?  Mac n Cheese in the waffle iron.  Lucas took one look and said \”no thanks\” but I convinced him it was good and he ate his entire serving.

Things were starting to get a little annoying at this point.  The boys were starting to bicker.  Quinn didnt\’ want to get in the pool and once he did Lucas wasn\’t happy that Quinn was being difficult.  So.much.fun.

Whatever dude.

Here\’s a super happy day in the pool.  This is probably my favorite picture.  All the guys jumping, including Sonic.

The visit had it\’s ups and downs but in the long run we were all happy to see each other and spend time together.

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