STJ: Day 1 – 3

With about 700 pictures I decided to break down our trip into manageable chunks.
This was our first time traveling to STJ from the West Coast.  After looking at all of our options we decided to take the red eye to Charlotte NC on Friday night and catch an 8 am flight to STT Saturday morning.  We had to consider the STT ferry schedule and if we had left LAX Saturday morning we may have missed the last ferry to STJ on Saturday evening.
Unfortunately our flight left LAX over 90 minutes late and we arrived in Charlotte about 10 minutes after our flight left for STT.  All the other flights that day to STT were booked so we were stuck in Charlotte for 24 hours.
After only 3 – 4 hours of sleep we found a hotel that we could check in to immediately and we all crashed.  We made the most of our day/evening in Charlotte with a walk through downtown and dinner out. 
On Sunday our flight left without any problems.  We arrived in STT to see our pre-arranged taxi driver Rachel, caught the 5 pm ferry to STJ, arrived to see Carnivale in full swing, got our rental jeep, and headed for the villa.  Dinner and a swim and off to bed.
Day 3, Monday.
As experienced STJ visitors we knows to check the STT cruise schedule before heading to Trunk Bay, the most popular beach on STJ.  No cruises were scheduled for Monday so off we went.
Quinn already had a mask but we also rented him some fins.  Let\’s just say we had a hard time keeping up with him now.

There is an underwater trail at Trunk Bay near the cay so we went out to snorkel around the trail.  Then the skies opened up.  No worries.

The rain was not stopping so we headed to Cruz Bay for lunch.  Woody\’s is a favorite hangout for the younger generation during happy hour but a perfect spot for us oldies at lunch.


Home for a swim and rest and then back out to our favorite STJ restaurant, The Beach Bar.

Not only our favorite, it\’s Quinn\’s favorite too.  He can swing on the ropes, climb the tree, play in the water, and chase down hermit crabs.  And there are always lots of other kids to play with too.

And this is the reason it\’s one of my favorite places.

What\’s not to love about your feet in the sand, a cold drink in your hand, and watching the sunset.

Back home for a disco party in the pool and off to bed.  Man is it ever good to be back to our beloved island.

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