Last Day of 1st Grade

I decided to document the last day of 1st Grade from the beginning of our day until the end.  So here we go.

We have had a dog with an upset belly and this morning he woke up with a swollen face and an eye swollen shut.  A vet visit will be part of my morning.  Oh and June Gloom has officially arrived!

Getting my buddies going.

 First day of 1st Grade and last day of 1st Grade.

An older brother making a movie.

Braeden, Zach, and Quinn.

Mrs. Cano.  
Can\’t forget our lunchbox on the last day of school.  Let\’s get the buddy, a chocolate bar, and go home to give the buddy some TLC.

My headless buddies.

Don got a new pair of shoes from Barbara.  They are much brighter than posted on the store\’s website.  But Don is going to let them fade in the sun.

We got a new underwater camera in anticipation of our trip.  It has many cool features.

Using up some of those water balloons.

Good Night to Quinn\’s Last Day of 1st Grade!

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