Santa Barbara Aquarium

A trip to Santa Barbara.  Such a lovely place.

First stop was the Farmer\’s Market.  However, we were walking towards their corporate offices instead of the market so we ditched that plan.  But enjoyed a walk down a street that seemed to house lots of wine tasting rooms and bachelorette parties.

Then it was down to the pier for some lunch and the aquarium.

It is a small aquarium but lots of stuff to touch and do.  Love this.  In the middle of the aquarium they have an opening to the ocean with lots of little baskets on pulleys to pull up to see what you might catch.

A view out of the aquarium.

A  look at the moon jellyfish.

We ate on the top tier under the colorful umbrellas…as viewed from the aquarium.

A look back towards the aquarium.

Quinn won this little kazoo prize.

Doing some parkour.  

Quite a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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