1st Grade Performance

Quinn\’s class had their 1st Grade performance on Thursday night.  They performed with another 1st grade class.  Quinn\’s class is on stage left.

Quinn has been singing these songs non-stop at home and in the car…You\’re a Grand Old Flag, God Bless America, This Land is Your Land, and America the Beautiful.   Non-stop, non-stop singing.

So his class goes marching up the center aisle waving their flags and taking their place on the stage.  And Quinn starts bawling his eyes out once he gets on stage.    See him top left, 2nd one in.  Rubbing his eyes.

Like he was crying so hard that the other kids were turning around to see what was going on.

Don and I knew it was something goofy, but what?

Finally his teacher ran around the back and pulled him down and talked to him for about 5 minutes.  It turns out that he was so worried that we didn\’t get a program for the show.  After much reassurance that we had a program he got back on stage and did his thing.

The kids re-enacted a camping trip between Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir and each kid got a line to say as they passed the microphone.  Quinn\’s line was \”John Muir was a world famous naturalist\”.

Teddy and John at stage front.

They pretended the show was over and all the kids took their bow.  Then \”Living in America\” blasted and the kids thought it was so funny that they pulled one over on the parents and really started grooving.  The kids weren\’t supposed to tell their parents about the \”secret song\” but we promised to forget it so that Quinn could sing it at home.

Remember when Quinn used to be about a head taller than all the other kids.  Now he\’s only the 3rd tallest in his class, maybe.

At the end they sang and danced in the aisles.   Here he is with his buddy Braeden.  His favorite girl in the class, Anya, is the girl on his left clapping her hands.  They may be science geek buddies in high school.

This morning on the way to school I asked why the program thing upset him so much and he told me he was really worried and starting getting misty again so we moved on.

Our funny, happy, singing, dancing, amazing boy.

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