8 Mile Hike

My hiking leader also teaches a hiking class at a local college and Sunday was their final exam.  The kids had to hike 8 miles from Newbury Park to the beach.  Lucky for me, she invited her other hiking class to join her and 3 of us took her up on her offer.  

A couple of us met her at the ending point on the Pacific Coast Highway at 7:15 am.  It looked a little like this.

Then we drove to the starting point to meet up with the rest of the group.  There were about 14 of us in all.   The start of the hike is wide and paved and the hike is almost all flat or downhill.

I guess I didn\’t take any pictures in the middle of the hike but we reached the beach.  

I found a hiking partner and we held down the back of the pack.  We chatted the whole way and counted down the miles with an iphone app.  Our legs were aching by the end but it wasn\’t too bad.  I would do it again.  

Talking to the college students who hike on Mondays before us, it was good to hear them complaining about how hard the hikes are and how Sharlene really pushes the pace.  It made us ol\’ ladies feel a little better.

And the proof.

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