10 Day Wrap Up

It\’s been 10 days since I\’ve blogged.  I\’m creating a Project Life book for Quinn\’s first year pulling together all the bits and pieces I\’ve saved and putting them in one place.  That\’s been taking up my computer/free time.

So here we go.

Years ago when Quinn was 3?, Ross and Tamara got him this Imaginext set.  He would play with it occasionally and his friends liked it.  It\’s geared for kids 3 – 8.  Lately he\’s been playing with it alot and asked for a Castle set.  Don and I were dubious but I found a good sale on it so we got it for him.

And he plays with this thing non-stop.  For Hours!  And the space shuttle is always included in the mix too, as you can see.  These 2 boys are always begging me for screen time and on this day there wasn\’t a peep about screen time.  Quinn just asked for another Imaginext toy.  And I\’m picking up today.  Imagination at work!

We\’ve had some much needed rain around here lately.  It usually comes and goes during the day so we also see lots of rainbows.  This double bow looks like it starts in Quinn\’s soccer field.

Geodes Quinn made from a science kit are \”for display only\”.  Funny boy.

Quinn\’s class rotates through various arts classes and just finished with dancing.  Parents are invited to a very casual show.  Here\’s a 1 minute video.  I think I hit the mute button about 10 seconds in :/  I should mention that girls (in general) have so crazy about the movie Frozen that boys normally run screaming at this song.  You can watch a big version on YouTube HERE.

At the end they invited the parents to dance with the kids.  Oh yeah!  Don has some moves!!

My Monday morning hikes are even better than ever with all the rain we\’ve had.  On this Monday I saw lots of butterflies and lizards too.   These pictures just don\’t show how beautiful it is right now.

We even saw a little garter snake.

Best buddies.  Sonic can now be trusted free in the house.  I usually put him in his crate when I take Quinn to school just to keep him used to the crate.  But otherwise he is free to roam and is a good boy.  The other day Quinn had built a massive hot wheels track in the rec room with cars and pieces everywhere.  Sonic didn\’t touch a single piece.

Yes he can be a PITA but I am amazed at what a good boy he is at 18 months.

Carpooling and friends.  Love it!

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