Yankees Opening Day

Today was Opening Day for Quinn and his Yankees.  I know, a tough pill to swallow.  Yankees.

This year is very different from last year.  Umpires,  score keepers,  pitching machine instead of a tee, etc, etc.  This is when it starts to get competitive.  Considering that the Thousand Oaks Little League has actually won the World Championship it all begins in this Acorn 1 league.

Our guy at bat.  They are out with 3 strikes and have 5 pitches total.  Quinn was 0/4 but alot of other kids were too.  But his swing has improved tremendously from last year and he sure looks sharp.

Speaking of score keepers.  Each team provides a score keeper and Don volunteered to be the Yankees score keeper for Saturday games.  Lots of rules surrounding the score keepers.  They must sit up here and can\’t cheer for their kid, or any kid.  They keep track of every pitch, hit, throw, etc.  The umps are constantly checking with them on pitches, outs, score, time, etc.   Don found it much harder than expected.

Funny story.  Quinn was playing Left Center field and a ball was hit in to Left field (not left center).  After the play was over the umpire called time because Quinn was crying hysterically.  He came in to the dugout and was crying so hard it took a long time to find out what had happened.  The Kona Shaved Ice truck had left the parking lot.  Truth.

Quinn is one of 3 players that rotate as catcher and Quinn actually likes it.  And is pretty good.  It requires him to keep his head in the game and he constantly has something to do…vs standing out in left center looking in to the parking lot 🙂

A clear view of his catching stance.  He got nailed in the leg one time and had lots of tears.  But he sucked it up and stayed in the game.  So proud!!!

There is usually a classmate on the other team and here he is catching while his buddy Ethan is at bat. 

Final score 10 – 4 Yankees.  

Coach Ken having a talk with the guys after the game telling them what a great job they did and how they continue to get better.

Coach Ken hands out a game ball (or two) to the players that really stood out during the game.  The first ball went to….

The one and only Mighty Quinn.  Coach was so proud of him for stopping a ball while playing 3rd base and sucking it up when he got hit as catcher.  It\’s great to see him reward improvement and effort.


One proud dude with his game ball.

One proud mom with her dude.

Coaching signing the game ball for Quinn.

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