Sunday in Ventura

We planned our Sunday in Ventura.  
We started our day at the HUGE flea market where we did alot of looking but no buying.  Then lunch in the little town on Ventura.
I had heard about a hike at the Ventura Botanical Gardens.  We made a quick stop at the Visitors Center for more information and they directed us to this park with a panoramic view over Camarillo, Oxnard, and Ventura….all the way out to the Channel Islands.   These pictures don\’t do it justice.  It was amazing and I\’m shocked that we didn\’t know about this place.  

Quinn wanted to go on an adventure so Don and Quinn went in search of a geocache.  I went in search of the view 🙂

There is a 1 mile meandering hike that goes to the bottom.  Mae drove the car to the bottom and Quinn, Don and I took the trail.  You can see how it switches back and forth and there\’s Mae in the bottom left of the parking lot.  

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