Lang Ranch Halloween Parade

Happy Halloween!!  Quinn was counting down the days and is so very excited about Halloween.  I\’m a Halloween Grinch but I\’m putting on my best smile and effort.  
Aunt Pam sends Quinn a halloween shirt every year for his birthday and I think this may be the coolest one ever.  Don sent me text to dress Quinn in this shirt more often.  Bad to the bone. 
I\’ve asked Quinn a million times what he wants to be for Halloween and there were lots of zombie kind of requests which I wasn\’t digging.  Maybe in a couple of years.  So I took him to Target to look at costumes.  He wanted to be every one that he saw.  Then he saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes and said \”I want to be Michelangelo\”.  Boom.  Done.  
You might remember he was Michelangelo last year.  
Looking good!

 Here he is with his buddies Nate (the Creeper) and Ethan (the pilot).

And Jake from soccer.

Eric is the Green Man from the Vancouver Canucks.

The school does a Halloween parade where the principal starts in the kindergarten room and winds through every room picking up a class. Here they are coming out of Mrs. Cano\’s room.

Quinn and his tball buddy Zach (aka Steve from Minecraft).

There are about 700 kids in the school so you can imagine how crazy it is.  The Mama and Papa Razzi are out in full force!

Happy Halloween!

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