Warning: Lots of Bragging Here

I love school pictures even when they look like this.  He claims this is his best smile 🙂
This kid is rocking it at school this year and we couldn\’t be prouder.  At our Parent/Teacher conference we expressed some concern because he can already read and spell all the words 1st graders need to know by June.   He has also met most of the math skills.   The teacher said that she was working on a plan to challenge the high performers.  
A week or so ago Quinn came home with a flyer about Xtra Math to push his math skills.  It\’s an app that he can do on the ipad.  Win!
Then on Monday he came home with this flyer.  On Monday they have a spelling test and if they spell all the words correctly they get this challenge.  I tested him on all of these spelling words and challenge words and he got them all right.  Maybe we need 3rd grade words.  
Quinn has his challenges, including handwriting, but it\’s great to see him excel and do so well in school.    His years at Sundance gave him a great start and served him well.  
I\’ve also had the chance to work with all the kids in Quinn\’s class a couple of times.  His class has Centers every day from 9 – 10 am.  The kids rotate in small groups doing an activity for about 15 minutes.  One of the Centers is in the hallway doing an activity with a parent.  It\’s great to get to know all the kids and that part has been fun.  But let me just say that I\’m glad I\’m not a teacher.  

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