He Rides!

Today it was 75 degrees and sunny so we hit the park to work on Quinn\’s bike riding.  

We went to a park that had a small grass slope.  After a few times down the slope he seemed to be getting the hang of it.
Don gave him a push on the grass.

And then this happened!

It was a little bumpy on the grass so we went over to the flat basketball court.  Quinn was so proud of his first skid mark 🙂

A beautiful day and a beautiful park to bike.

And there he goes!

He had his share of falls.  Some falls that were awesome and some that were not so awesome and needed a bench break.  

After his last and biggest spill he got back on his bike and biked down to the playgroud.

So proud of this kid!

October 19, 2014 is the day that Quinn learned to ride his bike!

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