Weekend Wrap Up

Mornings almost always start with Sonic on the floor.

Then our Saturday afternoon soccer game.  This week went a little bit better. 

The boy in the foreground is the coaches son and he\’s the glue that holds this team together.  He\’s quite a little soccer player.  It\’s funny watching him and his dad interact.  Coach is so patient with all the kids on the team but expects alot from his son.

Getting a squirt of water.  #4 here has turned out to be a really great friend for Quinn.  He\’s in 2nd grade and is in the classroom right next to Quinn\’s.  We went swimming with them on Thursday and they had a ball together.  (That\’s his big brother doing the squirting.)

We just got all of our bikes tuned up, and boy did then need some tuning.  We took the training wheels and pedals off of Quinn\’s bike.   Trying to teach him to glide and balance on the bike.  Don was encouraging him to take great big strides and we were counting how many strides from one line to another.  You can see he was improving each time.

Saturday night we dropped Quinn off at Kids Nite Out at a local gymnastics place while Don and I went out to dinner.  Quinn\’s buddy #4 from soccer was there and again they had the best time together.
He must have picked up a stomach bug because he was pretty sick most of the day Sunday.  This kid hasn\’t napped in ages so you know he was feeling pretty bad.   Daddy long legs.
After his nap he woke up feeling pretty good and was ready to eat.  He ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner all within about 2 hours.  Toast with honey, mom\’s amazing sandwich, and some croissants.  He\’ll stay home from school on Monday but I think he\’s going to be a-ok.
And that\’s a wrap.

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