Hello 1st Grade

Honestly, I was very nervous.

A fresh start at Lang Ranch Elementary with all new routines with all new kids and all new parents and all new teachers.

Quinn didn\’t seem nervous at all.  He had such a good experience with the boys on his t-ball team (most attend Lang Ranch) that he was only expecting good things (after some not so great experiences with the boys in his class last year).

The day before we found out that Quinn would be in the same class with his buddy Zach so he had a friend in his class.

So off we went on Wednesday morning.

Everyone got there early and it was a bit of a mad house.  While we were waiting for the class room to open I saw a little boy sitting off to the side whistling.  It turns out that this sweet little guy who is in Quinn\’s is also new to the school and lives down the street from us.  I told him that Quinn could whistle and he asked if Quinn could whistle any Minecraft songs.  Ha!  The friendship was sealed.

Quinn\’s teacher, Mrs. Cano, greeted all the students.  I liked her right away and I later found out that she is one of the more requested teachers.  Wahoo!

It\’s funny how the kids just know to go in, find their spot, and get settled.

Quinn\’s desk is right across from Zach\’s desk.  Not sure if that\’s good or bad 😉

A look at his schedule for the day.

I wish I grabbed a picture of the kids coming out of the classroom because they were all beaming!  I asked Quinn how his day was and his reply was \”AWESOME\”.

It was a great first day and felt like a new chapter for our family.

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