Maui: Day 4

I woke up every morning and just couldn\’t believe the view.  I probably took this same picture every morning 🙂  You can see our umbrella set up and Quinn in the light blue swim shirt.

There is some OK snorkeling right in front of The Whaler.  I went out alone and saw this eel hiding in some rocks.

Later it went swimming across the sand.  You don\’t see eels out in the open much during the day.  They like to come out at night.

A view of our set up from sea.  Our condo was 2nd from the top on the right.

We took Quinn back out to go on an eel hunt.  We didn\’t see the same one but Don got this awesome shot of a baby eel.

Mama and boy.

It was time.  Quinn wanted to jump off Black Rock and Don was eager to take him.   Oh yay.

Starting the climb up the rocks.  See the girl on the right in the purple suit?  She got about halfway up and changed her mind.

There\’s Quinn at the top.  Lots of young guys like to go up there and just hang out.   Don guesses it\’s about a 20 foot jump.

And before I even blinked my eyes!

And another beautiful sunset.  Yes, I do love my sunsets.

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