Carpinteria Seal Harbor

A great start to our long weekend with a trip to Carpinteria to walk the bluffs and see the seals.  Carpinteria is about 30 miles NW of us up the 101.  On the way up we were stopped in traffic but were entertained by dolphins playing in the water close to shore.

This was our first time to Carpinteria and it was a fantastic day.  Lots of wildflowers and a great path along the ocean. 

Did I mention that Quinn\’s top 4 middle teeth have all fallen out?  That much easier to keep that tongue hanging out.  

Quinn found these acorns that looked alot like buttons.

A California Road Runner.

The seals! They didn\’t do too much other than lay there.

It\’s a good day when you see lots of dolphins.


The ice plant which has such beautiful flowers.

Cache found.

The Carpinteria Tar Pits.  We didn\’t see any liquid tar, but what Quinn is sitting on is hardened tar, although it was soft to walk on and you could smell the tar.

A hike always has moments like this.

The next cache is Scorpion Tree.

Then down to the beach to check out the tide pools.

And more dolphins.

Will you throw this to me so I can hit it?

As we headed back we had to cross the train tracks again and we could hear that a train was on it\’s way so we decided to wait for it.

Another cache and the tools Quinn picked up along the way.  His sword/pick, stone sharpener, and walking stick.

Back to the car.  June Gloom is here.  Cool temps and a marine layer.  It made for a very nice day and a break from the heat.

Next it was a late lunch.  Here is a look from our table one way.

 And the other way.  What a great place to go with kids.

I have to say it was one of my favorite days in quite some time.  Photography, geocaching, the ocean, dolphins, etc, etc.  

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