Hollywood Beach

We had the good fortune to spend the weekend at the beach, thanks to a generous friend who let us use her beach condo.  We went to Hollywood Beach which is about 30 miles NW of us.

Quinn and I went directly from school so we could get settled and I wouldn\’t miss the sunset.


On Saturday we spent some time on the beach.  It was a bit windy so we were just about the only ones out on the beach.

We weren\’t too far from the harbor so we walked in that direction.  The houses you see in the picture below are on the other side of the channel.

There are usually harbor seals swimming around and we saw a couple — they are right in the middle of the picture.

A little scootering for the kid.

We are late to the rainbow loom craze but we spent quite a bit of time looming bracelets over the weekend.  It was extremely popular last summer with both girls and boys.

A sunken living space in front of the fireplace.  I was told this is where the kids liked to hand out and Quinn agreed.  It was soft and squishy.

We walked to dinner at the harbor and then went out geocaching.

Then out to the beach for another sunset.  It was very, very windy as you can see from the ripples in the sand.

I was getting some funky flares on my camera lens from the water being blown off the ocean.

The sunset looked more like a flashlight point up.

On Sunday we walked to the local farmers market and then lunch at the harbor.   We heard the seals so went down for a closer look.

A view out of the channel towards the ocean and the Channel Islands off in the distance.

It was a great weekend away!

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