First Playdate

OK, so we\’ve lived here 6 months and Quinn is just now having his first playdate at our house.   But we\’ve had some other things to deal with so we get a big fat pass.  

You may have seen my Dirty Dog post.  That was a prelude to the playdate.  Wear the dog out so he will sleep in his crate quietly.  It worked.

First up, Skylanders Swap Force on the wiiU.

With a popcorn snack.

Quinn\’s friend couldn\’t wait to see Quinn\’s village on Clash of Clans.

Outside for some water play.  I kept an eagle eye on these two near the pool.

Quinn\’s buddy was a little leery of Sonic and I told him that he could squirt Sonic if Sonic was naughty.

Let\’s make it rain!

A great first play date!!

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