Stuff from This Week

We make lots of jokes in our house about how much we hate the (furry) buddy.  Quinn doesn\’t appreciate us talking about his brother like that.  I told him that once he starts picking up dog poop I will stop making those kinds of comments.  But lately Quinn has started making jokes too about how there\’s only one person in the family that loves Sonic.   We all love Sonic, sometimes.  
We are on the road quite a bit these days and LA traffic is very unpredictable.  Then we started using an iphone app called Waze.  All the Waze users tell Waze when there is heavy traffic, accidents, etc so that Waze can give you the best route.  And the ETA is usually pretty darned accurate.  And  I love it when Waze tells me to take the Pacific Coast Highway.  

Other things I love seeing when I\’m out and about.

Quinn hasn\’t had a swim lesson in about a month because of the holidays and other things.  It was so nice to get back there and get him in the water again with Ms. Felicia.

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