Big Fat Blog Post

I haven\’t posted on the blog in a while but todays post will get you caught up on our doings.

Like testing out a new boomerang.

This is one way to keep your hands warm.  

A Sunday adventure that included multiple geocaches.

The Tranquility Garden.

The most interesting tree…a silk floss tree.

A beautiful old oak tree.

And another year of Project Life completed. I have to admit that I\’m not quite as enthusiastic but I\’m still plugging away. 

Two books for every year I\’ve completed.

Setting up the 2014 book.

There are so many things to be thankful for like 70 degree weather when the rest of the country is in a deep freeze…

…and amazing hikes with our buddy right out our front door…

…and beautiful sunrises.

If you didn\’t see this on FB, Sonic in a self imposed time out after being very naughty all morning.

Sonic got his last vaccination so we can now safely take him to the dog park.   btw, Sonic now weighs 47 pounds and is about 5 pounds shy of outweighing Quinn.

Sonic looks a little happy.

I had forgotten about the doggy water fountain.

There were lots of other young dogs there for Sonic to play with and he had such a good time.  They were jumping on each other, puppy biting, humping, running, all of it.  He even got some good growls and barks from dogs to put him in his place.  It was wonderful!

And he is beyond dirty and tired.

As my mother would say \”So that\’s my story\”.

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