This year Quinn could not decide what he wanted to be for Halloween.  Every day it was something new and usually a Minecraft character. His last request was a mutant zombie from Minecraft.  My grumpy self was having a hard time with buying/creating a mutant zombie costume for a 6 year old.  
Instead I suggested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  OK, typing that sentence doesn\’t sound like it\’s an improvement but I think it is.  His request was the Michelangelo TMNT.
Fortunate for me, Target had one in his size.   
His school had a costume parade in the morning for all the classes.  

All his friends loved his costume.  The boy on Quinn\’s right is Matt and one of his favorite friends.

Quinn is a pretty happy camper.  He and the girl behind him love to play zombies on the playground.  The other day when I dropped Quinn off she came running up to him and asked him to play zombies.  What happened to ring around the rosie?

Kinders lead the way!

Then it was back to the classroom for treats and a dance party!  There was alot of sugary 6 year old energy int he classroom.

If you didn\’t see my post on FB.  Quinn\’s class teamed up with the 3rd grade class and created scarecrows as part of a STEM project.  Why am I not surprised that his group chose to do a stabbed and bloody scarecrow.

Quinn and I went out on our own while Don held down the fort.  Quinn went to about 6 houses and then was ready to go home.  

Alot of houses were really decorated but then just left a bowl of candy on the porch.  We did just the opposite.  We had maybe 40 kids ring our bell and I think Quinn enjoyed answering the door better than trick-or-treating.

And just in case you needed an additional dose of cuteness.  Look at this naughty boy digging in the dirt.  

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