On Saturday we brought Sonic home with us and he is just a happy, cuddly ball of fur.  He likes to play hard and then sleep hard.  

I\’m sure yesterday was pretty traumatic for him and he needed some extra sleep so there was alot of this going on.  Quinn loved to have Sonic sleep on him.  

Sleeping with his tongue hanging out.  

We put him in the crate a couple of times and he wasn\’t crazy about it but eventually quieted down.  I think the crate training will be key in saving our house and our sanity.  We found a nice smaller sized crate on craigslist that Sonic will use until he outgrows it.

He followed me around quite a bit and if I stopped, he would plop down and lie on my feet.  

Or curl up with me.   I tried to give him lots of extra attention as I\’m sure he\’s missing his brothers and sisters.  He was the first baby to fly the coop.  
He wasn\’t too sure about the water and the pool but I remembered watching a show with Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) and he just put the dogs back legs in the water and it instinctually knew to paddle.  So we gave it a try and it worked.
And how did last night go?  I don\’t know yet because I\’m the first one up.  We would really like for Sonic to sleep in Quinn\’s room with Quinn who has migrated back to our room.  So Don and Sonic slept in Quinn\’s room last night and it\’s still quiet at 7:30 am…that could be good or bad.  Don was going to take Sonic out a couple of times during the night.  Once we can get Sonic to sleep quietly through the night he and Quinn will be bunk buddies.  
We had a couple of little puppy issues yesterday but I have to say he is a great little guy.  Quinn said that he and Sonic aren\’t going to be brothers, they are going to be twins!  

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