In our little family, we celebrate all our birthdays in about a 3 week period.  This year we kinda punted it for our birthdays.  We have so much other stuff going on we didn\’t have the energy to plan for our usual birthday hoopla\’s.

For Don\’s birthday we were still in the hotel so we walked down to an italian restaurant.  Remember he got ties from me and triceratops water blasters from Quinn.  Wahoo!!

My birthday was a big one for me and we did a little bit of celebrating.  Saturday night we hired a sitter from an agency and went out for a nice evening.

Sunday morning, my birthday, Quinn gave me this heart felt card.

He thought it was perfect because it had both the word fart and stinky in it.  I loved it and would expect no less.

Then we headed north to Santa Barbara for lunch at a seaside restaurant.  It was a great little place tucked in to a cove.

I think all emergency potty breaks should have this kind of view.

This car had Don and I laughing all the way home.

After a late lunch, we just went right to dessert for dinner.

My birthday continued one more day with this lovely surprise from my dear friends in NJ on Monday.

It was nice to have a break from working on the house all weekend and enjoying some family time.

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