If you haven\’t heard, we are moving back to Southern California and we are very excited.  We will be moving back to the same area where we lived when Quinn was born so we are familiar with the area.  However it\’s very different this time moving there with a 5 year old.  And our main concern is making the transition as smooth as possible for Quinn.

Don\’s first day on the new job is August 26 so we will be out there before the new school year begins.  We will fly out there the week of July 29 to look at neighborhoods, houses, schools, etc.  Our house in NJ will go on the market this Thursday.  There\’s nothing worse than having the house ready to show at all times, especially with a 5 year old.

We\’ve been talking to Quinn alot about California.  At first he couldn\’t understand why we would want to leave NJ, Westfield, or our house.  But he really seems to be warming up to the idea the more we talk about it.  A house with a pool seems to be the big appeal.

As you might expect, we have been doing alot of decluttering and organizing.  The other night when we sent Quinn up to get his pj\’s on he called downstairs and asked us to come up to look at his room.  He had put all the stuff (and there was alot of it) that was on his bookshelf in to baskets.  He said he wanted it to look \”smooth\” for the move.  I just love this little guy!!!

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