The Cantelo\’s

Last time we saw Ross, Tamara, Sami, and Ty was in September 2010.  This is what we all looked like back then.  Quinn was just about to turn 3.

The Idaho Cantelo\’s made their first trip back to Maryland since returning from Singapore so we headed south to Maryland to see them.  Don was able to spend the weekend with us but had to get back to work.  

All the cousins, except Alex, getting ready to celebrate Mom\’s birthday.

It was quite a treat for Quinn to have his cousins around.  He loved to follow Sami and Ty around and always wanted to be near one of them.

Ross and family, Quinn, Mom and I went to Ocean City for a couple of days.  Ross & Tamara wanted to share a piece of their happy childhood and teen days in OC with the kids.

Free upgrade to ocean front?  Sure!

We wasted no time getting out on the beach.  Ross is keeping a watchful eye on Ty who spent many, many hours in the cold Atlantic.

From the mouth of babes at dinner our first night.

Hanging out on the boardwalk.

We had one full day enjoying the beautiful weather on the beach.

First Sami and Quinn covered Ty and starting building sand castles on him.  Then Q wanted his turn.  Quinn\’s little beach chair was set up next to mine, but he kept dragging it over to the end so he could sit with Sami or Ty.

Ty has a special touch with his hair that he calls his swag.  Q wanted a little swag too 😉

OC at night.

OC in the morning.

 What a fun week!

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