Blog Circle

As many of you know, I love ClickinMoms.  It\’s an amazing world wide community of women photographers from those just starting out with their first camera to uber talented professionals (and hobbyists).  The generosity and kindness of this community is like no other I\’ve come across.

And you know I love their on-line classes.  I recently took a class called Fine Art and Visual Expression (FAVE).  It is an advanced level class so I was surrounded by really talented photographers.  It\’s inspiring.  After classes are over, we tend to still stick together a bit and form Facebook groups.  We have also started a blog circle.  A blog circle is a way to share our images with each other and push us to create images worth sharing.

I will be sharing the images on another blog as I like to keep this one more family oriented.  Here\’s the blog   Once you check out my images, follow the link to view all the blogs.  I think there are about 6 of us in the circle.  We will be doing this once a month.


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