Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Day Weekend.

Quinn is really in to dinosaurs these days and reads his dino book most nights before bed so we decided to go back to the Field Station in Secaucus for a day of dinos.   We deliberately took more time to see more exhibits, shows, and a movie.

The dino museum backs up to a park that has a handful of geocaches.  We collected about 5 caches on Saturday with a couple of our most difficult finds.  Let\’s just say Don had quite a bit of a physical workout.   In the picture of Don, you can\’t really see how high up he is on that ledge.  A long way down.

We were pretty close to breaking 100 geocache finds and thought we could do it on Monday.  I had read about Duke Farms which is an eco friendly farm that is run by the Doris Duke foundation.  There are lots of bike trails and they even have a geocaching trail with 11+ caches.  We found a handful of caches and Quinn rode his bike.  We got to 97 caches before Quinn got tired and we got hungry.   But a lovely day and a place I can see us returning to many times over the summer.

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