Mr. Potato Head

Quinn is in the Sun Room at Sundance this year and one of the most special events in the Sun Room is the Potato Parade.  Let me back up a little.  

Quinn\’s reading teacher created a story about Mr. Potato Head.  Each year the story is a little different and this year Mr. Potato Head travelled across America for a family reunion in Burlap, Idaho.   The kids learn about America with some of their favorite characters from Disney, Thomas, etc.  They started reading the story in March.  
Jump to May and the Potato Parade.  Each child makes their own potato creation based on the story and shows it to the class in the Potato Parade.  Quinn decided to do Harold the Helicopter (from Thomas the Train) and in the story Harold flys over Mt. Rushmore on the way to Idaho.  
It was a family effort with Quinn doing lots of the work.  

It was Quinn\’s idea to add a Mr. Potato Head to Mt. Rushmore.  He even painted his nose orange.   Quinn said the kids in class thought it was \”hilarious!\”.

And the finished Harold.  I loved that the only thing we had to buy was the potato itself.  Everything else was repurposed, painted, etc.

We thought it turned out pretty great.  Perfectly imperfect.  

It was fun to see everyone\’s take on the potato, from pretty simple to professional looking creations.

And here\’s Quinn\’s class picture 🙂  The blue group.

(Did you spot Quinn in the upper left?)

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