Mother\’s Day

Mother\’s Day got off to a rocky start.  Quinn was in our bed and woke me up pretty early crying \”I didn\’t get a chance to answer the door\”.  I shushed him back to sleep and got out of bed.

A short time later I heard the gate at the top of the stairs opening and crying.  He was still upset that he didn\’t have a chance to answer the door…in his dream.  This continued for quite some time until Don was able to get him out of this funk.  

I had heard about Bushkill Falls from a friend and when I looked it up online it said \”The Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania\”.    What the heck, off we went.  It was about an 80 mile drive and is located in the Delaware Water Gap.

It wasn\’t quite what we expected as it was pretty crowded and had a touristy feeling to it but it was a new adventure on a beautiful day.

There were walkways all around the falls so you could get a really close look.  And lots of bridges that crossed over the falls.  It has rained quite a bit in the last week so the falls did not disappoint.

And this one would jump on a log or rock and say \”take my picture!\”.  He has perfected the cheesy smile.

Finishing up this beautiful day with some ice cream.

And yes, I was one happy mama on Mother\’s Day!

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